Handspun, Hand Dyed Merino Silk

I have been working on this yarn for so long and now it is finally finished! I started out with 8oz of a merino-silk top (80/20) and dyed one half in dark pink and the other half in cotton candy colours as my daughter called them: pink, yellow, light green and light blue. At first I spun the dark pink and kept a sample of how I wanted the finished yarn to look. I am very glad I did this because otherwise I would have forgotten it, I took so many breaks.

I pulled the cotton candy yarn into 1 to 2 feet long strips which I split in half down the middle. It did this to shorten the stripes and to make the yarn more even when knit up. I stored the unused halfs in a box and tried to keep them more or less in sequence.

When I started to ply the yarn I ran into trouble. The plied yarn twisted up on itself pretty badly. At first I worried that I had made a mistake, but then I realized it must have happened because the dark pink yarn was so much “staler” than the other. So I plied the yarn the way I wanted it to look and hoped for the best. I was so happy when I saw that it was balanced after I set the twist!

I already know what I want to knit with it. A little hint: it is not a scarf or a hat! What I don’t know yet is what I am going to spin next. My spinning wheel looks a bit sad without any fluff on it!


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