Well, I guess it could be worse

I have not been feeling well lately: very little energy, a cold which lead to an Asthma flare-up etc. Also the weather has been so bad, that I have heard people calling this month “Juniary”. Ehem!

I noticed the other day that my dental implant hurt and jiggled a bit. Well, apparently I broke it while biting on a seed or a grain. Now it is infected and needs to come out. I have had it for only  2 years. “That is a bummer.” said my dentist. Yep!

I have been contemplating if it is possible that a tooth could be cursed. This tooth has caused me repeatedly great pains ever since I had it. When I was in Grade 2 it caused my cheek to swell up in a way you normally only see in cartoons. Years later a large piece broke off when I ate some leftover candy. ( Lesson learned: Never eat candy your little brother does not like.) Then there were several botched attempts to do a root canal which were so painful that I avoided the dentist for 2 years after. The next dentist told me it needed to come out and even that was difficult. And now here I am. I guess I can be glad that I have only one “special” tooth…

So I try to distract myself with postcards of handsome slugs and crocheting dishcloths.

The postcard is from fellow etsy seller cheezombie and the dishcloth pattern is from the German magazine Landlust. The pattern is created by crocheting only into the back loop and by making 3 stitches into the center stitch. The cotton yarn is Super 10 by Kertzer.