How (Not) to Make an After Eight Cake

Birthday cakes are a big deal in our family. I try very hard to make dreams come true. So when my daughter told me she wanted a chocolate cake decorated with After Eight chocolates I rose to the challenge. I asked her if she wanted the frosting to be mint flavoured as well. She did.

So I went looking for a recipe. Several years ago Germany had this craze to turn candy and chocolates into cakes and sure enough there were several recipes for After Eight cakes on German websites.

The real problem with this cake was that I could not find the After Eight chocolates, only small bars. ( Maybe they don’t make them in summer?) After searching in six stores I gave up and bought the bars. The recipe tells you to melt the chocolates in hot cream, let the cream cool overnight and whip it up. Well, there was something in the bars that in the end made the cream curdle.

That is why on the day before her birthday I found myself at 10 at night at the grocery store, tired and worn out from my tennis tournament feeling a bit lost. I bought another litre of cream and went searching for something minty. I found mint chocolate chips made by Hershey’s ( I love you guys!). After that everything went without a glitch.

My daughter wanted the layers to be showing so I did not frost the sides and there had to be chocolate on top. So I cut up two of the bars even though they did not look that pretty…

The cake tasted great. The recipe is here.


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  1. Ava says:

    Dit is de eerste keer dat ik How (Not) to Make an After Eight Cake « Sunnyside Ellen bezoek en ik ben fijn overdonderd door het verband die dit stuk
    geniet met veel afvallen.

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