What to Do With All These Apples?

Once again my garden has blessed me with an abundance of apples. My girls harvested most of them and I asked them to give me the ones with blemishes for immediate use. There were surprisingly few. So after only one cake and two batches of apple sauce I had only good ones left, or so I thought.

To my dismay I found that many apples are inhabited even though they are flawless on the outside. This is bad. It means I have to go through them real quickly. Yesterday I cut up apples as a snack and I had to throw away half of them. In the 7 or 8 years of having apple trees I have never had that happen.

On the bright side I baked an apple cake on the weekend my family liked so much that it was gone before I could take a photo. It is another German recipe similar to an apple pie, but baked in a spring-pan. The twist in this recipe is the vanilla custard you pour over the apples before you cover the cake with a crust. Yum!

Here is the recipe.