Mummy Cookies in a Hurry

Every year my kids’ piano teacher has a Halloween party at her house and she asks that everybody brings a few treats. After doing some research I decided to make Mummy cookies. I made my standard sugar cookie recipe and picked a Gingerbread Man cookie cutter who strangely enough has his arms raised slightly threateningly.

The plan was to cover the cookie with white icing, let it dry and add the lines for the bandages and the eyes later. But then life happened. When the cookies were cool enough to ice them it was 6:30 pm, a half hour before the party. So I toned it down to the bare minimum and drew the lines and the eyes only. Luckily the kids recognized right away that the cookies were supposed to be mummies. There was also another benefit: the cookies tasted fantastic they were so fresh. This sad guy is the last one of the bunch.


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