All She Wants is a Dog

My youngest daughter wants a dog real bad. So far she has not been able to persuade her Dad that our lives would be so much better with a dog. In the meantime she has been decorating her room with dogs: she has porcelain dogs, a dog calendar, books about dogs, dog pictures, stuffies and now a dog pillow.

It started out with a drawing:

And we turned it into this:

I used a very quick method. My daughter copied her design onto white muslin using a water-soluble pencil and she cut it out leaving some fabric all around it. I sandwiched a piece of interfacing between the fabric of the pillow and the muslin and stitched over the pencil lines with narrow zigzag. I think my daughter stopped breathing while I sewed. She was so nervous I would mess up. When it was done (and she was very pleased) we cut away the excess fabric using Duckbill scissors. She filled in the eyes and nose with fabric marker.