Back From Where?

Columbia Icefield

The reason for my long blog absence have been two very different journeys. The first journey was a vacation back into winter. We drove through the Rockies, visited Jasper and Edmonton and returned home. It was a lot of fun. We saw many beautiful and interesting things, but what I liked best about it was how well we all got along: a family of five spending a lot of time together and almost no fighting. It was wonderful.

When we came back my doctor told me I needed surgery. So suddenly I was very busy with doctor visits and trying not to be scared. The surgery is now behind me and while I am not yet fully recovered I have dyed my first yarn again today. Yeah!

During our road trip I knit a pair of socks. The yarn is my own self-striping called Poprocks. I knit these top-down, with a traditional heel flap sporting a honeycomb pattern. The toe is this one.

I hope I can keep these, because my oldest daughter wants them real baaad ; )

4 thoughts on “Back From Where?

  1. FanJill says:

    So glad to see you latest post. I visited Jasper years ago. The scenery is unforgettable. I also admire the socks.

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