It Has Been So Long

I started this shawl years ago. I can’t even remember when. The pattern is the Perfect Pie Shawl from Weekend Knitting. I have knitted it with a wonderful wool yarn that someone gifted to me and I overdyed. I like the yarn so much that I have tried to get more of it, but I have not been successful and now I have lost the tag it came with. I think it came from a small farm in Washington State. When I realized I would run out of yarn I added another yarn for the middle panel. I think it was Misti Alpaca.

I probably put the shawl down when I was not sure if I liked the different yarn or not and only picked it up occasionally when I had nothing else I could knit. It is a very portable project as long as you remember the pattern. ( Which I even managed to forget during those long breaks).

A few weeks ago I decided to finish it. I was in a mood where I just wanted to knit without making plans or thinking much. It was the perfect project.

I changed the original pattern by casting on more stitches, because my yarn is thinner and as edging I chain-stitched crocheted loops all around the shawl

I am so happy with this shawl. For me it is a symbol of perseverance and I find it very comforting to wear. It has flaws just like me ; )