Labour of Love

My 13 year old daughter is very fashion conscious. When she asked me to make her fingerless gloves I was delighted to be able to give her something handmade she would enjoy. I thought about the colours she likes to wear and dyed a skein of Louet Gems in “Colour in the Dark” for her. I had never knit gloves before and went to Ravelry for some research. I found a pattern and got to work. I was hoping I would get them done by Christmas.

Unfortunately after my surgery almost a year ago I have problems with my right arm, especially when I am knitting. I started the gloves, but during a yoga session I injured my arm further and ended up with an inflamed nerve. This meant a lot of things, but one of them was no knitting for sure. So what should have taken me 2 weeks took me closer to 3 months to finish. But finished they are, my daughter loves them and “luckily” it has been so cold and nasty weather, that my daughter even had a chance to wear them.

The specs:

Pattern: Knotty Gloves

Yarn: Sunnyside Ellen Louet Gems Fingering in “Colour in the Dark”

Changes: I had to change the number of stitches, because my yarn is a bit thinner and my daughter’s hands are narrow. Also I am apparently unable to follow a pattern even if I want to, because I noticed too late that while you knit the cable pattern you are supposed to knit the thumb gusset. I finished the cable pattern first. Another obvious change is that my daughter wanted “tipless” gloves, so I bound off the fingers after the second knuckle.

I really like how the gloves turned out. The pattern is very pretty and well written.


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