Is This Thing Still On?

I apologize for not blogging for so long. It turns out the more time goes by the harder it gets to start again.

It all began with a very busy summer. My kids picked so many activities that I was on the run all day every day. At the same time I was very busy with my Etsy store. I just could not do it all and I dropped the blog. I have heard that it takes some people just 10 minutes to write an entry, but I need at least 30 minutes for photo editing and writing instructions or recipes. It was too much.

When school started life did not go back to its normal pace either. There was always one reason or another I could not keep up with my to-do list. I started to doubt if I would ever go back to blogging, but then I realized I really miss writing!

So, in the spirit of focusing on the things I enjoy in my life I want to wake up this blog again. Thank you for staying with me!