The Summit Shawl

Summit Shawl

When I saw the Summit Shawl in Knitty I knew I had to make it. The pattern fascinated me. I was also very curious about the yarn that was used: raw silk. Raw silk is also called noil silk and they basically use the leftovers to spin this yarn. It is not shiny and has the appearance of linen or hemp yarn, but of course it is soft. I ordered it from one of my suppliers and got an unpleasant surprise when I soaked it before dyeing. This yarn stinks! It gets even worse when you heat it up for the dye to take. It was so bad that I had to dye it outside. Luckily the smell is gone when it is dry and is very faint when you wash it again.

Shawl Close-up

I love my new shawl and I am sorry that it took me almost a year to finish it. I wish I had more time to knit. There are so many great patterns out there. Anyway, if you have a chance to try raw silk yarn I highly recommend it. Just don’t dye it in the house ; )


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