Tiny Homes


Last night I watched a documentary called ” Tiny: A Story About living Small”. Lately I have been thinking a lot about living space. No wonder. For over 13 years I lived in a house with more than 3,000 square feet on a half acre lot. In July I moved into a 1,200 square feet townhouse with neighbours all around. They can see me, I can see them.

I used to call my townhouse tiny, but after watching the documentary, I have to say, it is just small. To my own surprise I really like it. It is cozy, it is bright. I enjoy making it my own, making it work. As I am typing this, I am sitting in my walk-in closet. It is actually a walk-through closet, separating the bedroom from the bathroom. My clothes fit all into one side of the closet and for the other side I bought a small table and sat up an office. It works really well for me. When I lean back I can even see out of the window – at my neighbours.

When we bought our house in 2001 we spent all our money on it. There was no extra to buy more furniture. That was a bit of a problem, because the house came with extra space we had no furniture for: a formal dining and living room. Later we filled the house with the appropriate furniture, but we never much used the space. Our bedroom was also overly large. I saw other people with large bedrooms bought extra seating for it, but I could not imagine I would use that. That extra space always annoyed me, because I would have loved for my daughters to have had larger bedrooms instead.

In March I spent a few days in a tiny cabin all by myself ( see photo). There was no wasted space and it had all you needed. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It got me thinking. Could I live in such a small space? What would I do with my stuff?

A few months later I found myself house hunting and I suddenly needed answers to these questions.

As I mentioned before I really like living in a small house. Of course, it looks messy quite quickly and there is the odd shuffle when I am doing laundry in the upstairs “laundry closet” and somebody wants to walk by, but all in all it works. I was very careful choosing practical places for things and you could argue, that the stuff that is still in boxes in the basement/ garage I will never need.

However there is one problem. There are boxes and boxes filled with fabrics, yarn and other supplies. I don’t have room for it. Do I need it? Not to survive, no, but working with it makes me happy. I miss it. So I guess, if I lived in a tiny home, I probably needed 2: one to live in and one as my studio.

As for now I have plans to build a room in the basement/ garage. Because in order to be happy I need to make things. Wish me luck. I feel confident I can make it work.