Brushing off the Dirt

What do you after you had a fall? When you are lying there with grit in your mouth, your glasses askew and a burning pain on the palm off your right hand? You catch your breath, you look ahead, your attention drawn to the new perspective you have lying there on the ground. You can see a red frisbee under the shrub, that your kids must have left there last summer.

You take another brief moment and then you do what you have to. You push yourself up, put weight on your feet and rise slowly. You notice that your pants have a tear on your right knee, there is dirt on your shirt and your hand is bleeding. You straighten your glasses and slowly start walking. There is a twinge in your knee, but it holds. You take another step, gaining a bit of confidence that even though the fall frightened you, you are basically ok. You turn around, trying to figure out what caused you to trip. You notice that the brick path has become quite uneven and you must have caught your foot on a loose stone. No matter, you turn around, continue on your way, promising yourself to be more careful in the future.


This where I am in my life right now. In April this year I realized that my marriage of almost 20 years was over. That no amount of effort I put in was able to fix it. I had to do the right thing, take my kids and move out.

I have started my new life now and while there is still some pain and difficulties I enjoy being in charge of it. I want to teach my children that it is important and worthwhile to fight for what you believe in.