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I am in Bread Heaven

This is the bread that I have always wanted. I finally managed it! It has a wonderful thick crust and complex flavour.

I achieved this using leftover pizza dough of all things and baked it in the Römertopf, that I heated up in the oven to 500 F. The dough is a simple dough. There is only flour, water, yeast, salt and some olive oil in it. It has normal hydration.

While I type this I realize I also changed another thing: I did not use parchment paper. It is possible that without it I got a better crust, because this might have had an affect like baking in a bread pan, which will give you also less of a crust.

Since the dough was firmer and less sticky than a No-Knead dough, I let it rise covered in a bread basket and then flipped it onto a floured board ( I could not find the semolina in a hurry.), scored it  and let it slide into the Römertopf. I only used the parchment paper last time, because I thought it made the sticky dough easier to handle.

I’ll have to experiment some more with higher hydration recipes, but my next bread on the list is one of my favourites: Walnut Bread.


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